Part ? - Zombies

Part ? - Zombies
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Hobo of Justice 1st Apr 2018, 12:04 AM edit delete
Hobo of Justice
This was the April Fools' strip this year. It's got no bearing on the overall comic, but I like taking the opportunity to make something stupid like this.

So, the outline of Chapter 3 is done, and right now I’m working on getting a basic script of each planned strip done. None have been drawn yet. Still got my sights set for an October start, but it’s too early to tell if that’ll work out.

I'm considering posting an update on its progress at the end of each month to help fill the upload void. It would be easy to know when to check in if it's at the end of every month. They may wind up just being text posts, but that's better than nothing, I figure.
Would people want that?

edit: Okay, I'm gonna do the monthly check-in thing. At the end of each month (or beginning of the next) I'll put up some sort of progress update until Chapter 3 is ready to start.
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ObsidianExodus 1st Apr 2018, 12:10 AM edit delete reply
Emphatically yes.
Hobo of Justice 1st Apr 2018, 12:19 AM edit delete reply
Hobo of Justice
sweetcloud1989 1st Apr 2018, 8:05 AM edit delete reply
I would want some of that.
Hobo of Justice 1st Apr 2018, 12:13 PM edit delete reply
Hobo of Justice
shadowtitan2010 1st Apr 2018, 11:06 PM edit delete reply
Richard's dreams are rediculous
Hobo of Justice 1st Apr 2018, 11:37 PM edit delete reply
Hobo of Justice
Except for his dream of becoming a Pokémon master.


Funiduber 2nd Apr 2018, 4:04 PM edit delete reply
I vote yes for updates.
Hobo of Justice 2nd Apr 2018, 10:52 PM edit delete reply
Hobo of Justice
Steve the Mew hunter 6th Apr 2018, 3:56 AM edit delete reply
Steve the Mew hunter
I'll take it.

Edit; btw, it's before April 14, and hey, you did make an update. So I was sorta right.
Hobo of Justice 7th Apr 2018, 1:33 AM edit delete reply
Hobo of Justice
Those interpretation skills came in handy!
Liro Raériyo 8th Apr 2018, 3:36 AM edit delete reply
Don't worry too much about it, i think i can speak for most of us when i say that you don't have an upload schedule, more like your a roller coaster, those long slow climbs up to the top of a peak are your time building up and getting everything ready, and once we hit that peak the tension of waiting snaps as were all enthralled in the moment as we decend that slope, as we get to the bottom of that slope, all that speed we picked up is used to hurtle us through loops, twists and turns and even a quick dip into the water as we ride out that momentum to the end of a chapter, only to get in line again and ride that roller coaster once more.
Hobo of Justice 15th Apr 2018, 12:30 PM edit delete reply
Hobo of Justice
That’s a nice way to put it. Probably too nice.
Mine’s the kind of coaster that breaks down a little too often in the middle of the ride. That corkscrew coming up? Yeah, gonna have to wait for maintenance to come fix another blown fuse.
If people can enjoy the ride, that’s great! I should probably put a warning sign out, though.

I try not to worry, but it happens.
Posts like this help alleviate that.
Liro Raériyo 16th Apr 2018, 1:26 PM edit delete reply
Well so long as nothing blows up and gets people killed that should be fine, i mean being stuck on a roller coaster for 2 months doesn't seem to bother the guests in roller coaster tycoon as they wait for the one single handyman to traverse the entire map to get to them.
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