Yo, Hobo of Justice here. I'm the idiot that makes Power of the Universe. What is Power of the Universe? It's a double Nuzlocke Challenge comic based on the trials and tribulations of two morons taking on the challenge for the first time. More on what the challenge is below. The comic attempts to dip into adventure, comedy, and drama. Attempts being the key word there. It's my first, uh, "real" attempt at a comic, and has been running since October 2013. Yeah, it's super slow.

The games we took the challenge on were Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Our protagonists - Richard and Aron - are characters that represent how we played the games. Richard's player did Diamond, and Aron's player did Pearl. There's some splashes of Platinum in there, too. The comic is a dramatization of what happened. Catches, deaths, soup eating - you name it. I try to inject as much of my own storytelling as I can, too.

What's this "Nuzlocke Challenge" thing?
The Nuzlocke Challenge is a self-imposed set of rules to follow when playing a Pokémon game with the intention of making it harder. The rules are:
1. Only the first encounter in each new area of the game can be caught.
2. If a Pokémon faints, it's considered DEAD and must be released.

These rules often result in players using and connecting with Pokémon they've never tried before, and adds a sense of danger to otherwise lax games. Lots of people add rules or clauses to the list for increased difficulty and/or fun.

Credit to Nuzlocke for creating the challenge. Thanks, Nuz.


Here's the rules followed in Power of the Universe:
1. Only the first encounter in each new area of the game can be caught.
2. If a Pokémon faints, it's considered DEAD and must be released.
3. Challengers fist bump after each catch.
4. Recovery and held items can only be used during Gym and Elite Four fights.
5. "Set" battle style.
6. Nickname everything.
7. Blacking out (losing all party members) results in challenge failure.



When does this comic update?
Oh boy. This is where I get to disappoint everyone. Power of the Universe has no update schedule. They go up when they get done for the most part, and they get done slowly.
BUT, where there is an update, it'll go up on the last of the month. So with timezones in mind, the first of the month may be the best time to check in.

My pace can be glacial at times. There'll be large periods of time without any new stuff going up - months and months of nothing. It's just the rate I create at. I'll be trying to at least post something in the blog section every month that doesn't have a new page. You know, so people don't think I died. Might be a progress update on the next strip, might be some random nonsense, who knows.







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That's about it, I guess. Let me know if there's something else I should add here.


Pokémon is owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, Inc. I'm not affiliated with any of them. I just make a stupid webcomic based on their cool stuff.