July 2018 Update
by Hobo of Justice

Tuesday, July 31st 2018:
Still can’t tell whether I’ll hit the October start or not for Chapter 3. November or December are looking more and more likely. What I can tell is that there won’t be much to start with and there won’t be a buffer. It’ll begin with a chapter opener like Ch2 did, then a cover, and then Part 33. Then it’s back to upload-as-they’re-finished mode. I tried to get more done but failed. Oh well.

These updates aren't very informative, are they? At least they function as an "I'm not dead" sort of thing. Gonna keep ‘em going until the comic’s anniversary, at least. And on that day (October 31st), the new site design should go live. Other than that, I don’t really know yet. I’ll pop back in next month to scrape loose whatever tiny bit of an “update” I can. As for the month of July, I remain alive and working on Power of the Universe.
Bye-bye 'till next time.

June 2018 Update
by Hobo of Justice

Saturday, June 30th 2018:
So, I've been working on giving the site a facelift. Wanted to for a long time, and it feels like that time has come. It's gonna have more personality, and less blinding white. The new layout will probably show up around when Chapter 3 starts.

Speaking of Chapter 3, progress is still slow, but happening. Hope to bring a more substantial update at the end of July. Have a good month!

May 2018 Update
by Hobo of Justice

Thursday May 31st, 2018:
So, May turned out to be less productive than I’d have wanted. Things are moving along, just… slowly. Part 33 is doing pretty well and should be finished next month, then I'll hop over to 34. Don’t have a lot to say this time, so I’ll just leave it at that. I’ll be back at the end of June with another update. Bye-bye!

April 2018 Update
by Hobo of Justice

Monday April 30th, 2018:

So, April was writing-focused. I went and wrote out as much as I could of Chapter 3 with the goal of not getting hung-up on any of the parts that gave me trouble (there were a lot). Some of it came out well, and some came out as garbage. Most of the garbage is later on, so I’ll have time to air the stink out of it. Hopefully. That isn’t to say that everything is written out how it’ll ultimately be – it’s not. This was first draft writing, and my first drafts are almost always changed a lot.

Speaking of change, the comic is going through some. The second chapter felt a little different from the first, and this next one will feel different than either before it. At least that’s the plan. More risks are being taken as I try out new things, and that’s both scary and exciting.

So, yeah. The writing groundwork has been laid, things are gonna feel different, and I’ve started the paneling process. Long way to go from here, but still on course for an October start. I’ll be back at the end of May with another progress update. See ya!

March 2018 Update
by Hobo of Justice

Saturday March 31st, 2018:
Quick update. The outline of Chapter 3 is done, and right now I’m working on getting a basic script of each planned strip done. None have been drawn yet. Still got my sights set for an October start, but it’s too early to tell if that’ll work out.
Considering posting an update on its progress at the end of each month to help fill the upload void.

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