Part 31
by Hobo of Justice

Thursday, December 28th:

Part 31 didn’t get done in time for year’s end, but it's close. I’m gonna go ahead and set a release date for it: January 18th. That should give enough time to finish it even if unforeseen circumstances pop up. Once Part 31 is done, I’ll jump right into making Part 32, the final Chapter 2 strip. Can’t make any accurate estimations on that one, though.

Short version: Part 31 should be going up on January 18th.

2017 Wrapping Up
by Hobo of Justice

December 15th, 2017:

Hey guys. The year's almost over. That upload streak in October/November felt good. So now what?

Well, only two strips (31 & 32) are left before this chapter comes to a close. I've been working on Part 31 for a long time now. Since June. There's been a lot of doubting and second-guessing in the process, and more than a few slumps. It's a monster of a strip at 204 panels, and blah blah, made it overly complicated, blah. I'm past that stuff now. There's still a ways to go for it to be finished, but I can finally start to see the finish line. It's rejuvenation time.

If Part 31 gets done before year's end, I'll put it up on the 28th.
Part 32 definitely won't be done this year, but it's shorter and I'll try to carry this momentum over.

Chapter 2 End
by Hobo of Justice

Thursday, July 6th 2017:

The October thing’s been finalized now, which is important ‘cause waiting for junk with no word on when sucks. The starting day isn’t set in stone yet, but it’ll most likely be the 5th. I’m not sure that waiting to upload these until they were all done was the right choice. I imagine interest drops fast even when they go up immediately, given how long they take. The last bundle taking extra-long definitely isn’t helping.

It’s come to my attention that some people didn’t see the most recent update. In retrospect, it may have been a bad idea to attach it to an April Fools’ strip. But also, some don’t read the author notes. But now I know that. By making the update into a strip, hopefully everyone that cares will see it. I’ve been feeling kind of “stuck” on the last strip - didn’t wanna just twiddle my thumbs. Felt like I should upload something in this void. Plus, these side strips are perfect for experimenting with.

The Last Batch of Chapter 2
by Hobo of Justice

Sunday, April 2nd 2017:

Okay, so it’s been a long time since anything substantial has gone up. I’m aware. This has been the longest upload gap in Power of the Universe’s running. It sucks. I tried to make that not the case and failed. There was a long period of time in there where I barely got anything done. That super sucked.

But I didn’t stop.
At this point, I could upload something right now. Part 28 is done. Part 29 is almost done. So why don’t I get on with it? Because I think ending Chapter 2 in an uninterrupted streak would be cool. Back-to-back weeks, no gap. The last super long upload break was right in the middle of the comic’s biggest fight, and that bugged me. I'd like to avoid that happening again.

So that leaves us with one question: just WHEN is this batch of strips going online? And to that, I shrug. I don’t know when I’ll get them done. Ending Chapter 2 has been difficult so far, and I hold no false hope of it getting easier.

I will say one thing, though. You might wanna cringe now to get it out of the way. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Here goes:
If Chapter 2 isn’t finished and uploaded by October, I’ll start putting up what IS done of it.
Yeah, that would mean they wouldn’t all go up back-to-back… but whatever.

So there you have it. Uploads by October, at the latest. I’m gonna try to get Chapter 2 done before then, though.

Okay, bye!

Quick Thing
by Hobo of Justice

Sunday, March 12th 2017:

Yo. It's me again.
I'll give a more substantial update in a few weeks, but I wanted to pop in and say that Power of the Universe is still moving along.
It's not dead, and I'm not dead. Though nothing has gone up in a while, I'm working on it. Stuff will come eventually.

Okay, bye!

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